How It Works?

Group plans never been easier

Dream up your group plans for the weekend Pitchn is here to make it happen. Its simple. Select one of our group plans, book the time and set the min and max group size. Then copy the plan link to your friends and let them vote, we'll take it over from here.

Get the Gang Together

Invite your friends via Facebook, Email or Phone, or by simply copying the invite link to any other platform. You can also make your plan visibility public so that other Pitchn users will see it in their feed page and request to join you.

Split Cost & Pay your Share

Wither your group is taking an escape room adventure, renting a volleyball court or creating a team for a league Pitchn allows your group to split the cost, and pay your share online. When group members pay their share beforehand it reduces no shows and allows members to plan ahead.

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